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DREAMARCHITECTONICS  is an audio-visual work installed within an acoustic space that instantly isolates viewers from the external world and proposes a sound-scape favorable to a state of reverie.  This space is created by an innovative technology of aerial active noise-cancellation that analyses the ambient background noise and produces a sphere of controlled quietness, with the purpose of inducing a state of hypnogogia.

DREAMARCHITECTONICS invites the participant to interact with a system producing syntonic translations from text to sound, and to images and music.

In this work, we consider that dreams have their own existence.
We believe in the unity of the creative mind and do not view dream activity as a by-product of intellectual activity, rather as the actualization of the creative mind itself.


  • Audiovisual
  • Future
  • Interactive
  • Present
  • Sound Design

2014, October 17 -December 21, The Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX, USA, DREAMARCHITECTONICS, Gallery Espace
(with Alta Moda, Mario Testino + Pitor Uklanski + Cassandra Emswiler Burd)