Interactive Audio-Visual Artworks & Sound Installations 

“Death Fugue:  An Uncovering,” Holocaust Poetry Reading, LabSynthe Production (May 2016)
“DREAMARCHITECTONICS,” Interactive audio-visual installation, dallas contemporary Espace, Dallas (October-December 2014)
“Acoustic Shadows II,” Interactive audio-visual installation, Aurora Festival Dallas (October 2013)
“Acoustic Shadows,” Interactive audio-visual installation, The Dallas Museum of Art, Center for Creative Connections, Dallas (November 2011-September- 2012)
“Coastlines,” Sound Installation to the Exhibition, The Dallas Museum of Art, Creative Direction and Sound Design, Dallas (May-August 2010).
“Invention of Memory,” Frank Dufour & Thomas Riccio, Multimedia Interactive Installation,  CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas USA  (May-July 2010).
“Moving Through,”  Music and Image, Cité de La Musique, Marseille, France (February 2009).
“Highest Fidelity,” Sound Installation, CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas USA (January-February 2009).
“Island of Eternity :  An Interactive Soundscape,” Sound Installation, Creative Direction & Concept :  Frank Dufour
Music :  Michael Austin, Motion Capture Lab, UT Dallas, Texas USA (December 9, 2009).
“Sands,” Audiovisual Composition, Cité de La Musique,Marseille,France (March 2008).
“Grains,” Audiovisual Composition, Cité de La Musique,Marseille,France (May 2008).

Journals, Magazines & Book Chapters

“A Study of Sound Objects and Structures,” Interference. Trinity College. Dublin. Ireland. Dufour, Frank, 2016.

“DreamArchitectonics. The Other Dream Work”. Submitted: Leonardo Journal. MIT Press. Cambridge. MA. (April 2015). Dufour, Frank. Dufour, Lee. Accepted for publication, 2016.

Oazarts! Magazine, “The Unplayed Notes Museum, Loris Greaud at the Dallas Contemporary: Failure & Success of  the Irresolution,” by Frank Dufour, April 2015.

“Exploring Feedback Noise With Ambisonics”. Submitted: IEEE Dallas Circuits and Systems Conference (DCAS) 2015. Ganguly, Anshuman, Dufour, Frank.

“The Gréaud Effect,” Dufour, Frank, PATRON Magazine, January 2014.

“Topicality of musical universals / Actualité des universaux musicaux,”  edited by Jean-Luc LEROY, Edition des Archives Contemporaines Paris 2012. ISBN 9782813000613.

Chapter Author :  Frank Dufour  “Approche écologique de la perception des dimensions temporelles de la musique et des arts numériques et Unités Sémiotiques Temporelles”  {An ecological approach to the perception of the time dimension in music and digital art and Temporal Semiotic Units}

Acoustic Shadows, An Exploration of the Sense of Space
Journal : Sound Effects, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound & Sound Experience, Vol 1, N 1, 2011
Author : Frank Dufour

Game-based Virtual Patients: Educational Opportunities and Design Challenges
Paper presented at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, I/ITSEC 2010 Conference
Authors: Marjorie Zielke, Frank Dufour, Gary Hardee, Judy LeFlore

Using Conscript™ to Train Cross-Cultural Decision-Making in a Serious Game
in Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making Edited by Dylan Schmorrow and Denise Nicholson
CRC Press
Authors: Marjorie Zielke, Frank Dufour, Brent Friedman, Daniel Hurd, Erin Jennings, Michael Kaiser

Propositions for a time based method for description, analysis, and design of Computer Art
Journal : International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology 15, 2009.

“Musique Concrète” as one of the preliminary steps to Acoustic Ecology
Journal : SoundScape Journal of the World Association for Acoustic Ecology, 2009

Serious games for immersive cultural training: Creating a living world
Authors: Zielke, M. A., Evans, M. J., DuFour, F., Christopher, T. V.Donahue, J. K., Johnson, P. et al.
Journal: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, (March/April 2009).

Les Supports d’Enregistrements
Journal:  Les Dossiers de l’Audiovisuel, Number 9. INA/ la Documentation Française (Sept/Oct 1986).

Techniques de l’Enregistrement et Problèmes de Conservation des Bandes Magnétiques
In :  Les Nouvelles Archives, Formation et Collecte, Acts from the XXVIII National Congress of Archives
of France. Paris. Archives Nationales. 1987.

Avec le Temps
Journal: Les Dossiers de l’Audiovisuel, Number 18. INA/ La Documentation Française, (November 1992).

“Printing Sounds. Sounding Images”. Late Night Art Bytes. Dallas Museum of Arts. Dallas. (August 2015)

“The French New Wave.” Roundtable for the French New Wave Showcase. Alamo Drafthouse. Richardson. Frank Dufour. Bart Weis. (September 2015)

“Sacred Geometry Roundtable”. Sacred Geometry Renaissance. UT Dallas. Dallas (September 2015)

“Light in the Abyss”. Roundtable discussion for Aurora Festival.Dufour, Frank. Goujart, Adrien. Gréaud, Loris. Dallas (October 2015)

“Time Machine Replay”. Conference Performance. Dufour, Frank. CentralTrak. Dallas (November 2015)

“The Art Effect, The Translational Ecology of Contemporary Art,” Moderated by Frank Dufour, Panel Discussion with Loris Greaud, Nicolas Bourriaud, Eric Mangion, Charissa Terranova, Noah Simblist.
Thursday, January 15, 2015 // Edith O’Donnell Arts & Technology building

“Sound Art at the Crossroads of Artistic Expressions”
Venue:  Univerdad de Guanajuato, Digital Arts Department, Mexico (February 2015)

“First Symposium on Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from community to landscape”
Venue: Musee National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris France
Presentation Pape, “Temporal Dimensions of Soundscapes” (June 16-18, 2014)

“9th International Conference on Human Systems Learning”
Venue: Cotonou, Benin (June 11-13, 2014)
Keynote Speaker

“Translations in the Digital Age”
Venue :  The Dallas Museum of Art, Seminar summer session UTD.
Collaboration with Prof. Rainer Schulte (June-July 2012)

“Les Universaux en Musique”
Venue: International Colloque organized by the Laboratoire d’Etudes en Sciences des Arts de l’Universite de Provence et l’UFM d’Aix -Marseille, en partenariat ave IMERA ,Aix en Provence, France (December 3-4, 2010)

“Images de la Musique”
Venue:  Conference, Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, Annecy, France (March 2009)

La Musique dans l’environnement technologique
Venue: Conference, Cité de la Musique, Colloque Les Arts dans le Cadre Actuel de la Théorie de  l’Évolution, Marseille, France (October 2009)

Elements for the analysis of Digital Art
Venue: Presentation at the Texelectronica Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth, Texas,  (November 26th, 2006).

Action sur le Temps, Time Code, analysis of the processing of simultaneous and continuing times in the film Time Code, by Mike Figgis
Venue:  Seminar on Action upon Image, University of Paris VIII, Paris, (January 2003).

Le Silence et l’Absence, analyse du film de Chris Marker, La Jetée”
Venue: Vidéothèque of Paris, (January 2000).

The Use of Digital Processing Techniques for the Restoration and Preservation of Sound Recordings in Archiving the Audiovisual Heritage
Venue: Canadian Museum of Civilization. Ottawa, Canada.( May 1990).

Multimedia Publishing
La Tarîqa al qâdiriyya al  Boudchîchiyya, CD-ROM on Soufism in Morocco. French and Arab language versions. Casablanca, Morocco, 2003
Archivex, CD-ROM presentation of the company Archivex, Casablanca, Morocco. 2002
Es Saada, CD-ROM, database of a newspaper’s archives, Ministry of Culture, Rabat, Morocco. 2002.
Electronic Catalogue of Moroccan Authors from the 20th Century, CD-ROM, French and Arab language versions. Ministry of Culture, Rabat, Morocco. 2002.
Morocco in the 20th Century, CD-ROM, historical encyclopedia, Publisher: OUM, Casablanca, Morocco. 2001
Flash 5, CD-ROM, multimedia tutorial, Publisher:  VTC France. Casablanca, Morocco. 2001
Euroquid, CD-ROM, educational product destined to the personnel of the National Savings Bank.
Paris. 1998
Sale Temps, CD-ROM, interactive fiction, awarded first place for design at MILIA 1996. Publisher: Microfolie’s, Paris. 1997.