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Oazarts! Magazine, “The Unplayed Notes Museum, Loris Greaud at the Dallas Contemporary: Failure & Success of the Irresolution,” by Frank Dufour, April 2015.
Extract \\ A set of objects, all coined by different temporal indexicalities, all holders of a
different story though all marked by the obsessive thought of Loris Gréaud are
joined up in this huge symbolic cupola, metaphor for a Natural History Museum.
The complexity and the coherence of this assemblage goes far beyond the poor
capacity of words and only the physical experience and intimate journey of walking
through the museum can make you feel and understand the powerfulness of
this invention.
However, this facility has been destroyed. Destroyed deliberately, and all that is
left to see is the shattered remains of the past work of art. Is there still something
called The Unplayed Notes Museum in Dallas?