Listen to ‘Island Of Eternity

Visitors are invited to explore the interactive, non-linear version of the diary displayed on the main computer. By using space and time to reconstruct the story on this interface, you are welcome to activate any date in the column on the left or any object on the map. Island Of Eternity : An Interactive Soundscape

Adapted from the novel The Invention Of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares
The sonic space is structured using three layers:
1.One meant to blend the background sounds together with the lowest โ€œfrequencyโ€ components with the immersive soundscape of the project.
2.Two regional layers represent two regions of the island (the museum and the factory) and help convey key elements and concepts of the narrative.
3.Two local layers conveyed by hyper-directional speakers that display the event-specific components of the narrative.
Movement and location in this space interact with the sonic space and transform it. The challenge here is to blend these layers in to a harmonious and meaningful environment.

Island of Eternity

  • Audiovisual
  • Interactive

Sound Installation,
Creative Direction & Concept : Frank Dufour
Music : MIchael Austin
Motion Capture Lab, UT Dallas, Texas USA
(December 9, 2009)