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Pr. Riccio and Dr. Dufour have finally succeeded in bringing a box of memory from Morel’s island back to Dallas. They have indeed. A conversation : (extracts)

Dr. Dufour: However, this decision to allow the public to enter the box is a very foolish and generous decision with very little, if any, scientific outcome.
Pr. Riccio: But were not all of these memories misplaced? They needed to go somewhere!
Dr. Dufour: Ahh, you are proposing that this box is an example of the industrial exteriorization of memory, some sort of Technogenetic memory .
Pr. Riccio: Now, these technologies, to which we delegate a greater apart of our memory, cause us to lose an ever-greater part of our knowledge.
Dr. Dufour: To lose a cell phone is to lose the telephone numbers of our correspondents and to realize that they are no longer in the psychical memory…
Pr. Riccio: But in the memory of the apparatus!
Dr. Dufour: The increase of the collective memory so generated by such public exposure of this Invention of Memory box…
Pr. Riccio: So, if I understand you correctly, we must continue to find ways of inventing memory otherwise we run the risk of losing it?
Dr. Dufour. It is what we must do.
Pr. Riccio: Our duty if not destiny!
Dr. Dufour: It has been very enjoyable working with you.
Pr. Riccio: The pleasure has been mine.
Dr. Dufour: We should consider a longer and more comfortable project. Thank you for coining the term “researtainment” that matches exactly our purpose in exhibiting our invention at Fair Park
Pr. Riccio. I don’t remember coining the term “researtainment.
Dr. Dufour: Maybe I did? I forgot! But do you like the term?
Pr. Riccio: I like it very much. Research entertainment.
Dr. Dufour: This has been a wonderful memory.
Pr. Riccio: We have been entertained

Invention of Memory

  • Interactive

Invention of Memory
Frank Dufour & Thomas Riccio
Multimedia Interactive Installation,
CentralTrak, Dallas, Texas USA
(May-July 2010)