Death FugIMG_2204ue: An Uncovering requires the participation of the observer to reveal the text and experience the subtext of Paul Celan’s poem through meditative gestures. Participant movements bring forth a recorded reading of Death Fugue by the poet himselt~ while recorded readings of the poem in various languages occur in the absence of participant movements. The installation echoes the counterpoint of the poem as a struggle between the past anduture, while creating a ritual space for remembering and a corporeal way to engage with its poeticity. In an attempt to detach the reader from a textual interpretation of “Death Fugue,” this installation suggests a relationship to the poem that is both personal and communal. The structure and materials reference motifs such as ashes, the act of digging, and graves, combining both aerial and terrestrial elements.13179183_1103910916297024_2965959966073684618_n

Death Fugue: An Uncovering

  • Audiovisual
  • Interactive
  • Sound Design

Holocaust Poetry Reading – Yom HaShoah, In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day. (UTDallas-ATEC, LabSynthe).
Technical Description: Death Fugue: An Uncovering is presented as a poem etched onto a 4 by 4 foot sheet of raw steel that acts as a tabletop sandbox. Included in the box are 100 pounds of black and white sand. A webcam mounted above the sandbox records participant movements. The sheet of steel is placed on four speakers, with two playing an original music composition created for the installation. One hyper-directional speaker hovers above the installation and plays audio recordings of Death Fugue in 10 languages-Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

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