Installation | Centre for Creative Connections Theatre |  Dallas Museum of Art


A 3D Immersive Audiovisual Space

  • The spatial dimension of Acoustic Shadows relies mainly on sound.
  • Two different types of auditory simulation of space are used simultaneously
    • the speakers of the surround sound system of the theater
    • a set of hyper directional speakers


An Interactive Environment

  • The room is made visually and acoustically sensitive to the presence and movements of the audience by the installation of a camera and a set of two microphones.
  • Data from these devices are sent to a computer running the software Pure Data for real-time analysis and generation of visual response.
  • The modulations coming from the left and right microphones are subtracted and compared to the differential of the delayed original signal.
  • The video signal is identically analyzed in terms of movements.
  • The two analyses are then compared to trigger the computed Acoustic Shadow.