Agence5970 is an independent laboratory dedicated to conceptual art exploring ideas emerging at the conjunction of perception and representation. Within this practice, Time and memory become structural supports of expression.Composed of the artist duo Frank Dufour & Lee Dufour, Agence5970 exists as a creative think-tank producing artworks and installations as well as projects in the domains of research, consulting, publishing, and collaborative programming.

Frank is a sound designer and interactive digital artist and is focused on academic research in the disciplines of sound, electronic and concrete music, as well as philosophy, and in particular, phenomenology of technology and perception. Professor of Sound & Media Arts in the School Arts, Technology & Emerging Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas, Frank holds a Ph.D. in Hypermedia from the University of Paris VIII. Lee is a digital artist, stylist and creative director and has a vast experience consulting for the luxury industry in design, lifestyle and fashion. Founder of a digital art gallery & concept store in Paris, France in the 90s, Lee has expertise in visual art direction, photography and communications.