choose an extract & read aloud.  the system is listening.
Click to View an Online Publication of  DREAMARCHITECTONICS. The Key.

DREAMARCHITECTONICS is an interactive audio-visual installation that aims to infuse into the space a state of reverie or meditation in order to explore the structure of dreams.  Entering this space, the participant is immersed in a sphere of controlled quietness created by aerial active noise-cancellation.

Within this space, a book offers extracts of poetic texts, evocative of dreams. When read aloud, the chosen text is analyzed according to the acoustic and temporal signature of the reader’s voice, thus controlling the visual and musical output.  The resulting audio-visual sequence is designed to reveal the structural connections among the images suggested by the text.

The tuning between the system and the participant forms a syntonic experience similar to the effort of the remembrance of dreams.  The work seeks to present this fragile and fugacious sensation of movements in images, sounds and meanings occurring in dreams and attempts to render perceivable the altered experience of Time, characteristic of the dream-state.